Sarah Smith

Centre Manager - Hull

Sarah joined HETA in 2008 as a Mechanical Instructor. She has now moved into a new role at Hull Centre Manager and is responsible for the co-ordination of the training plans and the day to day running of the Hull site

Sarah was a fitter/welder apprentice in Dorset during the 1970s. She completed her apprenticeship and went on to be an Aircraft Mechanic in the Royal Navy, based in Portsmouth and Cornwall, ending up teaching new entrees. After a career in the navy she joined HETA in 2008 as a mechanical instructor.

During 6 successful years as an Instructor Sarah worked with the team to set up HETA’S site within TATA Steel (Then Corus) in Scunthorpe and successfully delivered mechanical, health & safety and CAD design to apprentices, along with delivery of adult courses at the Hull Site.

In July 2014, Sarah was lucky enough to earn a promotion to Centre Manager of HETA’s Hull Site and is currently involved with all aspects of training at Hull

Sarah Smith