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Females and Engineering opportunities

HETA is continuing to hold and support a number of events aimed at helping females understand the many careers in and around engineering. These have included open evenings, activity days and working with role models at all stages of their careers who can really give an accurate impression of the engineering industry.

Many misconceptions still exist
around genders and work and the UK still underperforms in recruiting females into engineering and scientific careers compared to our European partners. In order to challenge the misconceptions HETA have put in place a steering group with representatives from industry an education on the group. Their aim is to implement an action plan and ensure that the efforts HETA makes are mutually supportive with our industrial partners. The plan is subject to on-going evaluation and we see this work as supporting work of other organisations that also strive towards equality in recruitment.

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Relevant websites are:

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If you are a HETA apprentice past or present and would like to feature on our website as a case study please contact Charlotte Hogben on 01482 372677 or e mail