David Sowden- Board Member


Once described by his Professor as ‘Renaissance man’, David has a love for both technology and the Arts and is passionate about the use of both of these to enhance the learning experience. After studying Fine Art – Sculpture in London, David was given the task by the Arts Council of ‘taking the Arts to North Yorkshire’.

He later moved into Further and Adult education, initial into Art, Design and Media, becoming Head of Department, but as some would say ‘he saw the light’ and moved into Engineering and Technology. David then became Head of Engineering and Technology within a high achieving FE college after a period of re-skilling and extensive study, overseeing the development of a new £1m building and portfolio of new programmes within the college.   

With a new desire to research and investigate the use of virtual learning worlds and mobile learning solutions within STEM subjects, David moved roles and became the Director of a Centre of Vocational Education (CoVE) specialising in ICT, and the use of technology to enhance the learning and teaching processes.

David then moved to the University of Hull initially holding a position as a member of the Directorate of a Lifelong Learning Network and Managed Learning Environment Manager along with acting as a Consultant working within the Centre for Learning Development. He worked on a numerous government funded projects investigating the use and development of technology with education environments to allow blended and online learning.

Most recently, David has moved to the School of Engineering and Computer Science as a Senior Lecturer. He has worked as a Director of Learning, Teaching and Assessment within the School of Engineering, having a strategic responsibility for learning and teaching portfolios, leading change, and managing quality and supporting innovation especially in the area of eLearning.

David has a genuine passion and enthusiasm for all aspects of education, and a strong desire to make a difference and drive improvements: quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

Grounded in educational disciplines of; research, teaching, lecturing and examining to high standards, with expert level knowledge of the latest thinking in education.

David loves the Yorkshire and Humber region and still lets his ‘artistic juices’ flow by creating watercolours and collagraph/carborundum prints and the directing of short informational videos. He once held a pyrotechnics license and lives in York in a house bristling with technology and works of ‘art’.