Pastoral Care- Workplace Fitness



At HETA, apprentices receive pastoral support matters outside of HETA, including fitness and well-being. Our apprentices are all enrolled on a workplace fitness course that includes 1-to-1 personal health guidance to increase their performance in and outside of work.

Apprentices have regular sessions with our workforce health & performance expert, James Bednarski, who also takes care of our HETA staff too.

About James:

Since graduating from university James passion has been helping people live happier lives through great health. James has been a personal trainer in the fitness industry for the last 15 years. Over the years, James quickly learned how people don't have much spare time as we spend a huge portion of the day working. James decided to establish a workplace health company- Occupational Fitness Ltd.

By analysing individuals job roles and identifying the barriers to health, James has built a series of courses that train employees to be able to work at their top performance for a longer period of time. benefiting the employee’s personal health, as well as their employers bottom-line.

James has been working very closely with HETA for the last 10 years and have also tailored his work to suit the demands of some other local companies such as, Vivergo fuels, Lincolnshire police, Scansource, Ecotricity, Smart Wind, & Dong Energy.

Pictured: James Bednarski

Fitness Programme for Apprentices:

This course has been designed to educate & raise the apprentices’ awareness on topics that may act as ‘barriers’ to their health & performance. Not only whilst at HETA, but throughout their careers. They learn new skills & techniques empowering them to take pro-active action both inside & outside of work.

 The modules covered by the apprentices are:

Workshops covering these modules consist of the latest industry research, interactive theory, open discussion, practical elements, group work, & an assessment. Upon completion of the course certificates of attendance are given to each apprentice, this will strengthen their portfolios when being interviewed by companies and in future employment.

98% of our apprentices how found this useful and beneficial to their current role.



“A very useful course that covers a lot of topics which are not covered in schools. It has increased my awareness of work related health issues & health in general.”

Lewis Ward- HETA Apprentice

“Its good because it makes you think about what you eat & how to look after your body.”

Sasha Veirucci- HETA Apprentice

"When I started having a health check with James I didn’t think it would make a massive difference to how I viewed exercise and diet. I couldn’t have been more wrong.By far the biggest change that James made me realise was that nutrition had a huge part to play in achieving my goals and that training can only get you so far. All round I feel better in every-day life and I have to thank James for all of his support and advice over the past few months and the next challenge is how to take it to the next step!”

James Mcintosh- Business Development and Marketing Manager