Rob Ripley- Board Member


Rob Ripley is a Partner and heads up the Dispute Resolution department at regional law firm Bridge McFarland. Rob qualified as a Solicitor in 1991 and is a well-known member of the local business community on both sides of the Humber.

Originally from the Sheffield area, Rob moved to the East Riding in 1991 because of the unique mixture of big city commerce and industry and the proximity of the Yorkshire coast and countryside, which he likes to get out in on his motorbike whenever possible.

Rob chose to specialise in fast paced sectors, including civil engineering and tunnelling, construction and, preferably, any industry where people get their hands dirty and make things.

Rob became a member of the board of trustees in 2016 and believes that the region needs the skilled people that HETA and its partners in industry train and in order to add his skill set to a board which already has an enviable mixture of relevant specialisms and expertise.

When asked what Rob sees as the future for HETA, Rob said “Our ambition is to continue to provide an education in engineering which is second to none in order to provide skilled and motivated people to local industry so that it, the students and the city, can thrive.