Nigel Milner

Location: Stallingborough

Photo of Nigel Milner

Nigel is one of HETA’s welding instructors based at the Grimsby centre.

Nigel started his multi skilled apprenticeship at Nypro UK where he attended North Lindsey Technical College on a full time basis following an EITB pathway covering all aspects of engineering from machining to fabrication and welding and including electrical and plumbing.

Unfortunately there was an explosion on site that devastated the plant and this led to Nigel being transferred to Weldit, a heavy engineering company building Oil Rigs and associated pipework and structures where gained his knowledge of coded welding and heavy fabrications, he still attended college and although on a day release basis and completed his apprenticeship passing his exams with distinctions.

After a year or so out of his time the company hit problems and was forced to close, this coincided with other issues in the local engineering network that led to Nigel seeking work as a mechanic (being self taught fixing his race cars) with a friends company and he spent fours years there until an opportunity to go back into to engineering arose at a company called Indime, he then spent the next nine years fabricating and welding on local chemical works and steelworks until the owner retired.

For a few years he worked around the country as a contractor on various projects such as Power stations, football stadiums and Dockland extensions.
He then joined Christy Hunt a machine manufacturer producing Pulverisors and Grinders, machining and fabricating parts through to final assembly also assisting with updating machines to cater for emission regulations.

He then joined KSR a company producing pedal assemblies for the Motor industry as a Prototype Technician, his duties included scratch building early units through to early pre production assemblies as well as testing them for durability and strength, the company then left the UK and Nigel went back into Fabrication and Welding for a company maintaining the local steelworks and again getting coded on pipework.

After fours years there the opportunity to join HETA arose and so he joined the Catch based team to teach welding to first year apprentices.

Whilst at HETA Nigel has qualified as an A1, ECITB and EAL assessor as well as completing a level 4 PTTLS course.

More recently Nigel has qualified as CSWIP 3.1 welding inspector after attending a course run by TWI which now gives him the official ability to assess welds of apprentices and to witness welders performing competency tests (codings) to weld procedures.

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