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HETA hot shots look forward to new season

29th November 2017

Apprentices at Foxhills have taken their team-building to a new level by taking part in a weekly six-a-side football league.

It’s fair to say the players of HETA BOI made more of an impact with their striking, corporate green kit than they did on the league table, but they engineered some impressive wins and are looking forward to challenging again next month.

George Batty, one of the team organisers, said the lads entered a team in the Frederick Gough League to give them all something different to do after work on a Thursday.

The team picture – which shows a line-up without a goalkeeper – gives a good idea of the position which they particularly need to strengthen when they return to action, but George said it’s all about taking part.

He said: “Nobody really wants to go in goal so we don’t have a regular keeper. It’s hard work but we were beginning to get the hang of it towards the end of the season. It starts again in a few weeks and we’ll think about whether to continue after that.

“We’ll all have moved on but it will be a good way of staying in touch depending on where we end up working, and we could also involve the new apprentices at Foxhills.”