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How our HE team are managing delivery through e-learning

1st April 2020

Due to the current issues the HETA Higher National delivery team are working hard to keep the teaching experience for our students as normal as possible.

Within our team we had a number of members who had already embraced MS Teams and had already started to champion it as a VLE, however, with us now working in isolation it has been important for us to share our current knowledge amongst all our team members and also develop it in a way that will give our students the best possible teaching experience.

Firstly and in the first few days we established an online teacher forum for our team so best practice could be determined, shared and developed, this included, how to broadcast live, how to share files, how do students submit assignments, how to record live sessions to be accessed by those on shift and also how to track attendance.

We decided the following process:

  1. Students ‘normal’ timetable would be replicated by online sessions, we invite the students to these sessions giving them an invitation in their outlook calendar with a direct link to that session.
  2. For each session there would be a live broadcast by the tutor and any necessary resources loaded for the students to down load and read/complete.
  3. Attendance of each session would be recorded on Onefile with a destination of ‘Online’ recorded
  4. HETA Admin to notify companies of attendance/ non attendance of these sessions.
  5. Assignment to be submitted and fed back through the ‘Assignments’ tab on MS Teams or via our existing VLE, whichever is deemed by the tutor to be the most appropriate.  

Although only a week in we have travelled a long way in a very short space of time, we are uncovering new issues regularly but the most importantly we are continuing to work closely as a team, all be it remotely, to resolve these issues & make the process as efficient and as effective as possible.

As a team we are meeting daily at 7:45am to discuss the previous and current days teaching and share any issues/good practice, as well as meeting with specific staff members as and when it is needed, team members are also requesting to join in with classes and what we believe is best practice, as part of their own development.

Since teaching remotely and embracing MS Teams as a delivery platform our HE attendance for week 1 was 85% and we have received good feedback from both students and employers, a recent quote from BAe Systems Brough, 

"I’m sure there will have been some difficulties and some learning on both sides, however, talking to them this morning they seemed really positive and that they are happy with the solution that is in place for them to continue their learning. I think we can consider this a success from our point of view, Thank you"