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Kalum braves the shave for Macmillian

29th November 2017

Kalum Hooley put on a show for fellow apprentices and staff at Foxhills by joining the Brave the Shave campaign to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Kalum, 17, decided the charity was such a good cause that he would lose his flowing locks even in the middle of winter! He also committed to a very public pruning, with Foxhills cleaner Kelly Powell, who is a trained hairdresser, completing the shearing in front of a big crowd on the first floor at Foxhills.

Family, friends and colleagues all contributed and enabled Kalum to exceed expectations and collect £633 for Macmillan.

He said: “My nana died of cancer but it was a long time ago and this wasn’t just for her, I just did it because it’s a good cause. There must have been about 40 or 50 people there watching but once it started I didn’t really worry about them and I couldn’t hear them because of the clippers!

“My aim was to raise about £250 so I was really happy to get up to £633.”

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