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Wake up to a career you love with engineering

21st June 2018

Growing up around her grandfather, who was a multi-skilled engineer, sparked an interest for engineering in Courtney Kiss from an early age. When HETA visited her school to talk about apprenticeships and careers in engineering, Courtney decided it was the route for her.  

“I think it’s all fascinating – every single aspect,” says Courtney. “You are always learning something new in engineering and that’s what I love about it. At HETA, it is very practical, so you get to put everything you learn into practice and it’s a great way to learn.”  

Equal opportunities  

Currently in her first year of study at our Stallingborough site, Courtney is training to become a multi-skilled engineer like her grandfather. She has secured a placement with global leaders in super absorbent fibre materials – Technical Absorbents Ltd.  

“The tutors at HETA are excellent,” explains Courtney. “We are all treated the same and while it can be physical, the instructors will always encourage you to try and do things for yourself. It’s brilliant to feel like you fit somewhere and I have a great bond with the boys and girls alike.”  

Tackling negativity  

Following her decision to apply for an engineering apprenticeship, Courtney did experience some pessimism: “My mum was really supportive, but even she was concerned about the negativity I might encounter,” she continues. “But HETA is really open about that type of behaviour. If anyone is in the least bit sexist, they will deal with it and keep you motivated.  

“As women, we have come so far in the engineering field already, but some are still reticent to give it a go because it is still seen as a ‘man’s job’. But, once you’re there, doing it, you will be content because you are doing what you love. It’s just about persuading women to put their fears aside and go for it.”  

“This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. It is hard, it is challenging, but if you stick at it you will come out on top. I wake up every morning knowing that I am doing something that I am truly passionate about and how many people can genuinely say that?”