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We are looking for non-executive Trustees....

15th June 2020

HETA has been Engineering the Future for over 50 years so what comes next….?

We’re a not for profit with clear charitable aims to train up young people top become the engineers of the future.

The day to day operations are delegated down to a very able management team but it is the Board of Trustees who provide the oversight and controls that are an essential part of being a successful charity.

Our current board members are drawn from both industry and other professional services like law and accounting. We would like to recruit one or possibly two more individuals to enhance the skill set of the existing board members.

You may be working in engineering, manufacturing, energy generation, or one of the many employers that make up the diverse industrial base of the Humber region and beyond.

This is chance to help shape what we do going forward-the commitment is to meet 6 times per year either physically or virtually and maybe be the lead focus on a specific part of the business.

If you are interested or know someone who may want to get involved then please contact us by clicking here.