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Work experience student following in family footsteps

5th June 2018

So synonymous is HETA with inspiring the engineers of the future, that we often welcome siblings of apprentices studying with us after they hear about the exciting things their brother or sister are doing here.

This was exactly the case for Year 10 Malet Lambert pupil, Demi Rhodes, who joined us recently for a week of work experience. Having heard about the amazing projects her brother Bradley was involved with since enrolling at HETA, Demi wanted to find out more about what a career in engineering would mean for her.

“I’ve had such a brilliant week and everyone has been really friendly,” says Demi. “I have learnt so much about different types of engineering including electrical installation, mechanical maintenance, machining and fabrication, and welding.

“My favourite activity was welding, where I got to take different pieces of metal and make something out of them. It was great to learn about the various techniques and seeing the finished product was very fulfilling.”

Many of Demi’s friends decided to embark on work experience in retail. However, having had a natural aptitude for making things from an early age, Demi would like to explore a career route that plays to her strengths and interests.

“I know that the government is trying to attract more girls into engineering, but not many know what it involves,” she continues. “Many of my friends think it is ‘dirty’ and ‘horrible’ but it really isn’t like that at all.

“Engineering is crucial to everything in life, including the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the cars we drive. Without engineering, we wouldn’t even have electricity or water in our houses.”

Following her successful week at HETA, Demi is now confident that a career in engineering is the route for her and plans to apply for an apprenticeship with us next year.

“I would advise any girl to try out engineering for themselves. I think it is really fun, diverse and a fantastic career option. I am looking forward to doing an apprenticeship here in the near future and one day becoming a better engineer than Bradley!”