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What is Process Operations?

A Process Operator ensures the site and its equipment are safe, efficient and working to a high standard, using sophisticated, specialist instruments to monitor systems and operations. A methodical mind and an eye for detail are key attributes for this role, along with skills that can be used in jobs throughout the world.

As a process operator you will typically work in a manufacturing company that makes use of large and often complex pieces of machinery and equipment. It will be your duty to keep it operating safely and e­fficiently, you will also need to take samples of materials used for analysis. Since many manufacturing plants run day and night, you may be required to work shifts.

Some of the roles you are likely to undertake are:

  • Starting up and shutting down plant machinery
  • Monitoring the plant
  • Making adjustments either by direct intervention or through a computer
  • Taking and analysing samples
  • Troubleshooting
  • Communicating with other operators, team leaders and maintenance staff‑ to keep everybody up to date
  • Keeping the work area tidy, safe and ready for the next Process Operator on duty

Process Operations Course Overview:

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