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CNC Simulation Software

This software enables a user interface on a desktop PC or laptop, which replicates the software on the machine tool controller.

After initial trials and evaluation of software that can be used for ease of access for delivery of CNC programming units at Levels 2 & 3.

With the support of the management team and IT, we will shortly be in the process of installing a fully licensed version of the software onto desktop computers.

This will enable learning of both CNC setup and programming to be performed remote from the CNC machine tool; thus, enhancing the

current digital fabrication technology used in the learning environment, whilst also providing an excellent teaching aid.

Other benefits include:

  1. Ability to debug and simulate existing CNC programs, without physically using the machine tool controller.
  2. Ability to teach and learn both Feature based and ISO G Codep programming language and techniques.
  3. Interlinks with current SolidWorks CAD/CAM learning.
  4. Data transfer to and from the machine tool controller with the ability to shadow actual machine tool setup.
  5. Option of installation onto learners laptops.