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Apprenticeship Opportunities in Goole & The Surrounding Areas

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About HETA

HETA provides specialist training for individuals who are looking to join the world of engineering through an apprenticeship route. Working with many companies in the Yorkshire and Humber region, an apprenticeship with HETA is the best route into a career in engineering. Applications are now open for September 2022.

Who we work with

We work with over 300 companies in the region, including The NHS, BP, and Drax to help find the best of the best when it comes to engineering potential. The companies we work with range across a number of industry sectors including mechanical, electrical, health & safety.

Benefits of the Apprenticeship program

1. Earn money as you learn

One of the main benefits of an apprenticeship is it gives you the opportunity to earn a wage whilst also learning valuable skills.

2. Gain qualifications
Apprenticeships allow you to gain tangible work experience, but they also enable you to gain valuable qualifications that will help you to advance in your career.

3. Benefit from bespoke support

When you do an apprenticeship, you will be surrounded by people familiar with the trade. You will be supported by individuals who understand the industry and its associated challenges, and they will be able to offer guidance exactly when it is required.

4. Enhance your CV

Completing an apprenticeship will bolster your CV and showcase that you have the skills, knowledge and behaviors to carry on in your career. If you impress your employer during your apprenticeship, a cv may not be necessary.

5. Get ahead in your career

According to research, apprentices can earn around 270% more than university graduates. By getting on the career ladder three or four years ahead of their university contemporaries, apprentices can start to earn quicker.

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