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E- High Voltage - The Safe Operation of High Voltage Electrical Switchgear (Full High Voltage Authorisation) (S4) - EAL Approved

The S4 course provides an understanding of industrial high and low voltage power systems including safe operation on a wide range of power equipment. It enables candidates to perform advanced HV switching operations on industrial HV networks up to and including 15kV. This prepares them for HV authorisation in accordance with their company’s safety rules/regulations. It includes both classroom theory and practical exercises.

Upon successful completion, candidates will be assessed to a competency level suitable for switching and issuing documents for work on all types of circuit and receive an EAL Certifcate of Achievement recognising competence up to and including 15KV

Course duration - 5 Days

Course price - £1,190.00 per person

Course details

Course Outline:

  • Electrical hazards and precautions
  • Electricity at work regulations
  • Understanding the arc blast hazard
  • Causes of electrical accidents
  • Operational and safety features of switchgear
  • Substations and safety requirements
  • Secondary hazards and emergency conditions
  • High voltage safety rules
  • Key safes and multihasp systems
  • Test equipment for proving dead
  • Operational procedures
  • Application of electrical protection on industrial power systems
  • Fault exercises
  • Practical exercises

Who should attend?

Electrical personnel with a good foundation level of electrical knowledge who are required to carry out advanced HV switching operations and safety document issuing responsibilities up to and including 15kV. The course is aimed at personnel who are to be authorised to multiple grades of duty which company rules may acknowledge as a senior authorised person (SAP). Candidates may find it beneficial to attend our S9 course as a precursor to this course.

Please note - These prices are exclusive of VAT. On booking 20% will be added to the price of the course.

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