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HETA offer Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 NVQs in engineering. This gives your current workforce an opportunity to formalise the skills and training they have received 'in house' by enrolling them on an NVQ.

It can be achieve with minimal loss of or disruption to work as it is a work based learning(WBL) learning qualification. There is no requirement to visit a training centre in order to achieve this.

Individuals best suited to enrol on an NVQ will already be performing a maintenance/or other engineering role and simply looking o gain certification around the existing skills they have. It is achievable in as little as 6 moths but is not restricted by time so can be done at the pace and availability of the candidate.

The benefit for any company is to prove base line competence of their engineering team and also for the candidate to feel a valued member of the organisation. NVQs are available in all engineering roles from office based CAD/Design/Technical services to the more traditional maintenance (Electrical/Mechanical/Instrumentation) and manufacturing (Fabrication, Welding, Machining) roles.

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